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Dr. James Mattioda
Allison Liu MS,RDN

We offer comprehensive consultations to identify the most appropriate supplements for your individual needs. We also offer individual consultations with holistic modalities utilizing subtle energy medicine including homeopathy and flower essence therapy and Aura-Soma color therapy.
With our many resources we can provide information and treatment plans for a range of conditions

James Mattioda PhD
Dr. Mattioda has a doctorate in Integral Health, is a registered pharmacist and Diplomat of Homeopathy. He is a clinical herbalist, consultant and educator in Alternative and Holistic Medicine. James has served on a number of boards and is faculty member at California Institute for Human Science, past faculty at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and consultant to Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine.

Allison Liu MS, RD
Allison has extensive experience in clinical nutrition and additional training in Functional Medicine Nutrition Therapy. Using nutritional pharmacology and appropriate foods we can often modify the underlying imbalances in hormones, neurotransmitters, and physiology. My philosophy is to empower individuals to achieve health goals by providing wellness programs to optimize well-being and vitality.¬Ě

Straightforward Minimal Assessment
Requires Less Than 5 Minutes

Private Consultation
Moderate Complexity and Assessment. Private Sessions may include homeopathic consultation, supplement review, appropriate condition-specific recommendations and education.

Consultation fees apply for private sessions.



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